We recently performed this excavation project in Durham, NH (near Dover, NH) to assist this homeowner with a drainage issue. Excessive water build up can be catastrophic for homeowners. Poor water runoff can lead to water pooling around the home, entering through the foundation. If you have a finished basement, you may not realize that there is water inside your lower level. This can lead to more serious problems like mold and pest issues. If you have a garden or plants that you love to take care of, ensure they are not being bombarded with water when it rains.

The Ideal Excavation Company for Fixing Drainage Issues

Overtime, soil moves and the ground changes. If you are experiencing issues where water is intruding in places where it shouldn’t, give us a call. This could be finding wet spots in your basement, your walkway or patio becomes flooded, your garden is receiving too much water during storms. We will take a look and evaluate your property. Our excavation team is ready to assist you and your home with drainage issues. Give us a call today!

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