Take a look at this recent snow removal and plowing service we performed on a parking lot in Dover, NH. The snow was a whopping 12″ by the time the storm had subsided. That’s a lot of snow, and a very large area for a crew with a few shovels to work on. We were able to come in with out plowing equipment and maintain the parking lot without any issues.

This won’t be the last of the storms coming our way!

We’re here to make the Winter season easier!

Shoveling snow is a back breaking effort (literally). Shoveling snow can be damaging to your body. Having a large parking lot or driveway makes snow removal the worst part of the winter season. You might be ready to pack up and move to Florida. Don’t just yet! Give us a quick call and we’ll get you on the schedule.

For you, this means your days of sores, aches & pains from shoveling are no more. You no longer need to break a sweat just to get to work, or open your business on time. Keep everyone safe, call Laffey Construction today!

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